About Us

Board of Director

• Chairman - Mr. Devendra Bajgai
• Managing Director - Mr.Navin Kumar Gaihre
• Director - Rakesh Sanjel
To be an exemplary Technical Education and Vocational Training Institute inspiring quality learning that can foster Individual Career as well as National and International Standard Skilled Human Resources.
To provide students the proper skill sets and knowledge they need to succeed in the workplace, it's important to have adequate training facilities to learn and practice on similar tools and equipment that’s used at jobs. That's why, in addition to offering courses applicable all over the world, NTTC has adequate facility, trainers and syllabus for better career shaping. We aim to fill the gap in alliance with various national and international institutions including City & Guilds UK and CTEVT Nepal to introduce accredited hospitality and construction management courses.
Quality Policy
NTTC has been founded by a diligent group of entrepreneurs comprising of renowned professors, management and social science researchers, university faculties, and professional executives from divergent walks of the social lives.  Being felt quality matters; the NTTC aims to offer quality training with practical base for dynamic trade and industrial needs. The company’s understanding hence, is; there is still need for true vocational training educational institutions inspiring quality learning. Management of the company, therefore, is dedicated to make differences; minimizing the gap between perceived quality and actual quality in the industry. In nutshell, the main objective of NTTC is to offer time bound vocational education meeting the need of dynamic world. This in turn, further, will ensure our nation not only stopping the capital out-flow in the name of quality learning, but equally empower her to be a destination for better skilled manpower destination for the rest of the world.
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